“We affirm our commitment to the Great Commission of our Lord and declare our willingness to go anywhere, do anything, and sacrifice anything God requires of us in the fulfillment of that commission.”
the sincere repentance and the moral purification of God’s people.
But all too often we pray and plead with God for revival while we impatiently wait for Him to act supernaturally. At the same time, God in heaven is usually waiting patiently for us to act. He wants to use us as His ordinary means to revive His people and to evangelize the rest of the world.
Note: Ever heard the term "$ waiting on a dime"?
What is the greatest miracle we get to see today? Is it multiplying bread, the blind seeing, the lame walking? I believe it is a transformed life, when someone becomes a new creation, when that which was lost is found in Christ. Do you pray for miracles? Through prayer we ignite the heart and hand of the living God. Maybe it is time we believe that prayer generates living miracles!
Note: Praying for God's Word to do it's transforming work by the power of His Spirit is a great miracle to pray for. For His glory!