3.    WHAT CAN YOU DO ABOUT IT? Take one belief at a time, turn it upside down. Learn how to break down your beliefs. Be your own rebel.
Note: Take a good look at what you believe and why you believe it.
Let’s shed all labels for a little bit while we inspect them. Maybe they are all good labels to have. But there’s nothing wrong with re-examining them under a new lens.
Note: Tea Party member, environmentalist, liberal, conservative -- What labels have you adopted and why?
THINK ABOUT IT, WHEN YOU SAY YOU WANT TO HAVE MORE MONEY, WHY IS THAT? You may answer that you want it so that you would be able to travel some more, or have more time for your children. And why is that?
Note: Happiness is the only goal.
fear is an important topic here. We try so hard to control the world around us. Will it give us money? Will it get us the girl? Will it get us the job we want or the promotion we want or will it get us the customers and allow us to build the business we want? These are just a few of the things I often wake up first thing in the morning afraid about. Fear gets in the way of finding out what makes us happy. You can’t be happy if you’re stressed. Controlling the world and have it going your way will only lead to a temporary happiness. What happens the next time the world goes a different way?...
Note: You can't be happy if you're afraid. Fear gets in the way