Happiness starts when we have the freedom to pursue what’s inside ourselves instead of the myriad joys and pursuits and successes that are outside ourselves.
10.  SPIRITUALLY: This word has a bad connotation. It sort of smells “new age-y.” Or like organized religion, which many people despise and have rebelled against. But what I really mean is “Surrender.”
that boom? Probably not. For me, all the Presidents are bad.
Note: Completely agree!
don’t’ live in the right part of the country or I’m too old or I’m too this or too that.” “I can’t get a new job.” “I can’t move right now until I have more money.” Anytime you say “I can’t,” you’re lying to yourself. This is a $15 trillion dollar economy and most of us live in the US. You know what that means? It means “you can.” It might take time to make things happen. It might means you have to adjust your life in various ways. But for anything you’re saying “I can’t” about say, “I can.”
Note: Anytime you say, "I can't" you're lying to yourself. - @jaltucher