How could he have been so stupid to think a girl like that would ever be interested in a guy like him?
Note: Classic setup for a Horatio Alger story.
Then everyone would stop, gather around the computer scientist in crisis, and repeat the mantra, “If your computer never crashes, you’re not working hard enough. Or you’re an idiot.” Everyone would then pat the crash-victim on the back and he’d laugh and sigh and get back to work.
Note: I'm loving this teen's-eye view of Stanford & Silicon Valley.
He was watching her—a strand of hair had fallen tenderly down the side of her face—when she opened a second album and, for a split second, her cheeks went pale. Quickly, she flipped to the next page.
Note: Nice storytelling's. What was on that page?
Poached Salmon With A Hint of Blackmail
Note: Great chapter titles.