If I say we need one hundred feet of bridge to cross a one-hundred-foot chasm that makes me an extremist. Somebody else says we don’t need to build a bridge at all because we don’t need to cross the chasm in the first place. That makes him an extremist. The third guy is the centrist because he insists that we compromise by building a fifty-foot bridge that ends in the middle of thin air? As an extremist I’ll tell you that the other extremist has a much better grasp on reality than the centrist does. The extremists have a serious disagreement about what to do. The independent who splits the...
Note: brilliantly put.
How would liberals respond? No doubt by rethinking and abandoning nearly all their long-held positions.
Note: This made me laugh out loud.
“Oh, that’s just your class interests talking” is an abracadabra phrase that makes all substantive disagreements and inconvenient facts vanish—without even the mess of a puff of smoke.
But more to the point, use of the phrase “power corrupts” is often a sign of the speaker’s own corruption—and this is really what Acton had in mind in the first place.
Note: Oro?