Prophesying is speaking in order to strengthen, encourage, and comfort others. However, prophecy is not just speaking human encouragement; it is speaking divine encouragement.
Prophecy includes the spiritual gifts of a word of knowledge, word of wisdom, discerning of spirits, and the gift of prophecy.
A word of knowledge is a specific fact about a person, place, or event that was not obtained through natural means. It could be someone’s name, occupation, birthplace, birthday, details about their past history, or other information about them. It generally contains no directional guidance, just facts of information, hence its name—a word of knowledge.
A word of wisdom is a divine revelation of the will, plan, or purpose of God for a specific situation. It differs from a word of knowledge in several ways. A word of wisdom is often directional in nature because it contains prophetic insight on what should be done in a situation. A word of wisdom also may not be as dramatic as a word of knowledge, but it may be more needed because it provides divine insight on what we are supposed to do.