some people actually believe that multitasking improves their brain’s ability like exercising a muscle. When, what it really does is overload the neurons, deplete the brain chemicals we need, and overload the central nervous system.”12
Note: Dr. Drew Rosen
Two years playing telephone tag Eight months opening junk mail Six months sitting at red lights
Note: michael Fortino
Thus, the texting drivers reacted 5 times slower than the impaired drivers did.
Note: 8 feet vs. 40 feet
simplified his life each step of the way. One thing in Gump’s favor is that he doesn’t suffer from the “curse of knowledge.” If he did he might convince himself that he can’t jog from New York to San Francisco, or it is foolish to use all your money to purchase a shrimp boat when you don’t know the first thing about catching shrimp.
Note: Great to show a clip of Gump here