We pass the old police barracks, once a burnt-out husk, now a holiday-apartment block with landscaped gardens and balconies facing the sea. We pass a higgledy-piggledy line of bungalows, each built without any awareness of its neighbour, like a row of crooked teeth.
Note: @OrnaRoss draws an unflattering picture of unplanned property "development" in rural Ireland
Brat-sh. The soft Irish T.
‘I’ll say one thing to you now, and listen to me good, because this is one of the best bits of advice you’ll ever get in your life. Don’t interfere. Keep yourself to yourself. Let the Lord above look after what’s to happen and stay out of matters as much as you can.’
Note: Authentic advice that could have come from the other great Peig of Irish literature @OrnaRoss
‘Good old St Maeve!’
Note: Queen Maeve was not so morally outstanding.