That’s the deep tragedy of his life: he feels he’s never lived up to what was expected of him, what his genius IQ presaged, and therefore doesn’t deserve to be liked, let alone loved.
Note: Except for the genius IQ, I can relate to this!
“Hi, mister,” he said, looking hopefully at me. “You anybody?”
Note: This could be the theme, or underlying question of the novel: the narrator telling his story in order to establish who he is, if anybody.
“You’re really quite unattractive, aren’t you?”
Note: I agree that the emotion behind the words is the main determinant of impact, Eolake. I'm not sure I follow how this relates to political correctness.
Why, there were times when, if no other possibilities were open to me, I’d stop somebody I’d never seen before and say, ‘What about God? Take either side.’”
Note: Great conversation starter!