“One loves, and the other is in love with being loved. The fun is in guessing which one’s you.”
Note: Fantastic insight.
The mistake many mediums make is to say too much. If you say the right thing, you do not need to ramble on.
Note: How to be a medium, from a novel rediscovered by Nancy_Pearl .
Was this all a lie? It was so hard to tell with my mother; her lies and truths were constantly masquerading as each other. You could lift up one of her lies and find a truth beneath it, then find beneath that truth another lie, and spend your whole life pulling away layers and never get to the bottom of it. How easy, I realized, it is to become paranoid, to see every story as a trap for you to fall into, every person as a leering high school boy.
Note: Nancy Pearl would say this applies to the narrator, Naomi Ash, as well.
“Well,” he said. “This may not sound like much of a story to you, if what I hear about you is true.” “Nothing you’ve heard is true,” I said.
Note: More about truth.