It is in the interest of those who control the current economic system, those with the established wealth and power, that we not know that there is a better way to make a living than working for them, doing meaningless work as wage slaves, just to buy ourselves some leisure time to do what has meaning for us.
Note: We have been taught to be slaves
I’m asking you to join me in being a part of a model “that makes the existing model obsolete.” A model of a million Natural Enterprises, all communities within their own physical communities, the places they live and call home, and all communities within a new community of Natural Economy. It’s not enough that I show you, dear readers, the way to create a Natural Enterprise, and start you on this journey. We owe it to our larger community, our fragile planet struggling under the oppressive weight of an industrial economy that is destroying it, the larger community of all-life-on-Earth,...
Note: I commit and promise Dave
Now what am I going to do? Today, when I speak to graduating classes in MBA and business-school programs, I hear the same question, and sense the same trepidation in our new graduates. The cattle call awaits them, and then the long climb to the top in organizations that, overwhelmingly, put profit ahead of the well-being of people, communities, and the environment. These students are filled with foreboding and dread. Even high school students sense it, and many will go to university for as long as possible just to delay having to answer this terrible question: Now what am I going to do?
Note: The dreaded question for all kids What are you going to do?
Like most Baby Boomers changing gears late in their careers, I tried the independent consultant route, doing what I’d been trained to do, but what I’d been trained to do wasn’t what I wanted to do. And I discovered a whole generation of my peers, in the last decade before they would supposedly retire, nearly one-fourth of the entire working-age population, looking for what are euphemistically called “second careers” to tide them over until they could actually afford to retire. Then, they hoped, they would finally get to do the things they really wanted to do. They were all asking the...
Note: Boomer? And what are are you going to do?