My community is those who think like me, not those who happen to have been born on the same small island. 
Note: @OrnaRoss is right about there being more than one way to be an Irish emigrant.
‘Once upon a time I was strong,’ she says. ‘It was a word my mother always used to use to describe me.’ I look at her jagged face, the fingers grasping at frayed tissue. Maybe, I think but you are also fragile. As am I. And Rory too.  We are all, all of us, so fragile.
Note: @OrnaRoss Were you listening to @IngridMusic (Breakable: we are so fragile) when you wrote this?
In Mucknamore it didn’t matter too much what you did, so long as you managed to keep it hidden. It was going open that got you punished.
I kick off my shoes, slip out of my clothes, walk into the sea. My skin is porous, no longer a boundary: I am melting into the water and all the world. Joy surges in me: the same molecules dance in me and in everything.