There is nothing worse than having to make a presentation and seeing your audience less than riveted with your message. However, the truth is that this is exactly what happens to most people who are making a presentation or selling a product. Not everyone can be a great orator, but everyone can learn to improve
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Anyone who ever heard Steve Jobs when it was the CEO of apple knows how riveting his speeches were and how the audience hung onto every word. Taking a page
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Answer The Question “Why Should I Care?” Whether you are trying to save wildlife, raise money for charity, or simply sell a better mouse trap, the one question that everyone wants and needs to have answered is “Why should I care?” Supplying your audience with that answer will motivate them to
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There is, however a problem that arises as this paradox: emulating others is not the real purpose of Steve Jobs. It has been advised not to be trapped with living as the results of other people’s thinking. Jobs have declared this statement during the Stanford 2005 Commencement
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