Over breakfast with us in late February, a high-level Washington lobbyist just shook his head over Cain’s giddy run in October and November. Hundreds of people, he said, had known about the sexual harassment allegations against Cain at the National Restaurant Association; how had the press been so slow to catch on? Was it because they were lazy?
Gingrich enjoyed playing a kind of game with reporters. He would publicly denounce them as low-life scourges during debates, then show up at the bar later that night to have a few drinks with them. For
He admired his client for her feistiness and ability to get on TV, her knack for communications, or “comm,” as it’s known in the business.
From the evangelical Right, there were whispers that Bachmann was neglecting her children and that a woman was unfit to be president. “Ridiculous, right?” said Bachmann. “I raised twenty-eight kids.” (Bachmann had five biological children and twenty-three foster children.) The