Pundits had been comparing Romney to Hillary Clinton, the Democrats’ flawed front-runner in 2008, but the more accurate comparison, said this adviser, was to Barack Obama.
Note: Pshaw. Neither comparison has merit.
The attack on Romney as a “vulture capitalist” took hold. The description began appearing in blogs on both the left and the right. Most Americans had never heard about private equity before, but they began to read and hear about Wall Street financiers who bought up companies, fired a lot of employees, and then sold out at a profit, sometimes leaving the companies staggering under piles of debt.
Note: iDisaggree. I dont think Bain ever did take hold nor did voters figur out what private equity is.
Though his trustee had closed the Swiss account in 2010, Romney’s lack of self-awareness about how it might look for a presidential candidate to be stashing money in Switzerland and offshore tax havens astonished even some of his own advisers.
Note: Let's hope Romney keeps botching this up. #FingersCrossed
Stuart Stevens appeared in the spin room “employing his iPad as a weapon,” wrote New York magazine’s John Heilemann, who sidled up to the Romney strategist. “Stevens asked if I knew how many times Gingrich was mentioned in Reagan’s memoir,” wrote Heilemann. “Calling up the text onscreen and searching the document, he revealed the answer: zero. Stevens then asked the same about a different memoir—Jack Abramoff’s. Here the number of mentions was larger: thirteen. Stevens asked, ‘What does that tell you?’ I ventured, ‘That Newt is full of shit?’ Stevens: ‘You said it, buddy.’ ”
Note: Fierce serve. #Newt