And there, her only comfort in life and in death, was the monitor wallpaper about a free milkshake given to God.
That man across the desk is telling the truth for now, just this moment. But he is a liar telling the truth, and it almost suits him.
The ministerial luncheon was just two weeks after Cherie’s grand meltdown, and John had only barely been able to contain his desire to extend the right hand of fellowship to Chad’s left ear, and to do so in a less-than-tender fashion.
They would always confess their fall afterward, and both of them remained entirely and blissfully unaware of what was causing it. They would both try hard to improve, which of course involved reading Scripture together, holding hands, and putting their heads closely together and praying about it. But somehow putting their heads together in this way didn’t really help all that much, particularly when Brandy had on the perfume he really liked, and when his mouth got anywhere near her ear, which it usually did. The more they prayed about it like this, the worse things seemed to get. Anyhow, their...