There is an institutionalized divide between the wealthy and the poor, so that what we now have are the rich and the rest of us.
Note: it is called government
denounce the poverty of opportunity, poverty of affirmation, poverty of courage, poverty of compassion, and poverty of imagination in our modern times.
1.  Fundamental Fairness: The rate of inflation has outpaced the rate of wage increases. Fundamental fairness means jobs with living-wage salaries and an economic system that lets people live above the poverty line so they no longer have to solely rely on welfare, food stamps, or other government subsidies for survival and upward mobility.
2.  Women and Children First! We can’t take care of America’s 1.6 million impoverished children without creating living-wage job opportunities that allow single parents, especially mothers, to move out of poverty. We must invest in workplace day care and Head Start programs, so moms don’t have to choose between earning a living and caring for their children. Mothers must be able to work or secure job training while their children are cared for and educated. The value of Head Start programs that allow pre-school-age children to start school at a crucial learning time is well documented....