The Bible says much about dreaming, and it is enlightening that the concepts of dreaming and creating are both found in the same biblical word. Yatsar (Hebrew) means “to create”; yetser, a slightly different form of the word, means “imagination, conception, and thought.”[1] Yetser refers to the plans and purposes formed in the mind, which, of course, include dreaming; yatsar is the resulting act of creation. So the power to create begins with the ability to dream.
Dreams happen! But they don’t just happen. They’re accomplished because dreaming unlocks creativity, innovation, action, and originality. If you don’t dream you won’t create. Period. End of story. But if you do dream, you must create. Necessity isn’t the mother of invention, dreams are!
If you didn’t dream you wouldn’t create, for creating is simply transferring dreams from the realm of thought to the world of reality.
The dreaming nature in you wants and needs an outlet. If you are not dreaming, a part of who you were made to be has ceased to function. And, as we shall see, if you’re not dreaming, you have cut yourself off from at least some portion of your future. Your destiny needs for you to dream!