There’s a higher probability of getting a date if you make that call than if you bite your nails.  
When you tell them something, they nod more than they disagree with you.
For many years, every time I was about to go to bed with my new guy, a stupid nagging doubt would assail me: “What must he think of me?” Seriously. Just when things were getting hot, this little question would start hammering on the door of my mind. So one fine day I sat down to find the answer. By analyzing myself a little, I realized that I wasn’t thinking anything bad about him when he stripped naked. Nor did I consider him a filthy pig when he went down on me. Quite the contrary: his devoted tongue gave me pleasure like eating a big raspberry and chocolate ice-cream.
That’s why I believe good sex is like good food. It is very seductive if you give it to the right person at the right time. A sexually satisfied person cannot be seduced by sex, but let’s not forget that “being unsatisfied” is not the same as “being hungry.”