especially maintaining a successful small business in the harrowing Carter years,
Note: Methinks the author is not an Obama supporter.
I doubt I’m the only one that became the very person he thought he was mocking.
Note: @JMcQuivey 's original mix of survey data + poignant reminiscence = a satisfying read for Father's Day.
Maybe now that women outnumber men in most college majors it’s okay to talk openly about the idea that many men achieve a great satisfaction from providing for their families without people assuming that you’re trying to keep women down.
Note: I sense an odd and, to me, outdated defensiveness toward feminism and the women's movement. Isn't that war over?
the depth to which I feel that joy is impossible to dismiss, even if certain academics or journalists would choose to imagine me as a caveman, dragging my “kill” home in hopes that it will warm my wife’s heartfires.
Note: This seems a bit over the top.