‘The wounded will wound / and every hurt is remembered.’
Note: The wounded will wound. So true
We live in a world of facades, but the grins behind them are all equally wretched.’ ‘Grins, Lord?’ ‘As a dog grins, sergeant.’ ‘A dog grins in fear, Lord.’ ‘Just so.’ ‘Then, does everyone live in fear?’ The firelight barely reached the huge man standing beside Raskan, and the deep voice that came from that vague shape sounded loose, unguarded. ‘I would say, most of the time, yes. Fear that our opinions might be challenged. Fear that our way of seeing things might be called ignorant, self-serving, or indeed evil. Fear for our persons. Fear for our future, our fate. Our moment...
Note: The grin of a dog - fear
‘Is civilization nothing but an illusion, then?’ ‘Crowd control.’ ‘Excuse me?’ ‘That’s all civilization is, T’riss. A means by which we manage the proliferation of our kind. It increases in complexity the more of us there are. Laws keep us muzzled and punishment delivers the necessary message when those laws are broken. Civilizations in decline are notable when certain of their members escape justice, and do so with impunity.’
Note: Civilization? A crowd control mechaism?
‘Wealth? Is it rarity that warrants value? If so, of greater value than these trinkets are trust, truth and integrity. Of greater value still, forgiveness. Of greatest value among them all, an outstretched hand. Wealth? We live in paucity. And this here is a most treacherous path – and we must walk it with unerring step, child.’
Note: What is wealth?