Surprise is not just something that differentiates breakthrough products and services. The unexpected is also a key ingredient in creating those delightfully surprising breakthroughs. In fact, as I’ll show, the single most important factor in fostering true game changers isn’t the classic lightbulb-above-the-head big idea. It’s the way leaders and organizations handle the discomfort, the disorientation, and the thrill (and pain) of living with uncertainty, finding clarity from ambiguity, and being surprised.
It’s about leapfrogging our mindsets so we can overcome the hidden assumptions and barriers that constrain us. It’s about leapfrogging the expectations of customers, partners, employees, and the rest of the world so we can surprise them with a dramatic increase in value over what they’re getting today.
Business breakthroughs deliver surprise.
how optimistic people get what they want out of their lives.53
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