And Futh, looking at the lighthouse, wondered how this could happen – how there could be this constant warning of danger, the taking of all these precautions, and yet still there was all this wreckage.
Note: Moore's wonderfully constructed Lighthouse could be the 2012 @ManBookerPrize winner
His mother smelt of the leftover orange she had eaten in the carriage before falling asleep. Years later, when Futh worked in the manufacturing of artificial odours, the smell of octyl acetate would make him feel sad. He knew, sitting there on the rushing train, that his mother was leaving them. He knew that when the train reached their station, the holiday would be over and then she would go.
Note: Sense of smell is hugely important throught The Lighthouse.
He is satisfied by the sight of a fire escape immediately outside the window.
Note: Home, security, safety - touch stones for Futh.
stopping to wind it before putting it down on the bedside table.
Note: Powerful minute observations by Moore. The significance of stopping to wind the watch.