Once again, we see that the conjunction “but” signals a swerve in discourse space — the person in question is on one side of one norm and yet (despite that fact) is on the other side of another norm.
Note: this is why "but" in feedback is negating. the cake was too dry, but the frosting was nice. we've highlighted a negative and a contrasting positive. was the negative necessary?
“Suggesting this trip to Dad inevitably says to Dad that we all think his days are numbered.” Indeed, a long family conversation about it all would only strengthen and entrench the analogy’s grip on everyone’s mind.
Note: this is only a problem if the family does not accept and embrace the inevitability of death
            A famous physics professor gets an email from a post-doc he’s never heard of. She starts out with “Dear Dan”, and then says that she’s about to submit a “revolutionary” grant proposal and hopes that “Dan” will “come on board” and co-sign it. He is shocked by the note’s presumptuousness, and says, “So if I were the Queen of England, would she have called me ‘Lizzie’?”
Note: im thinking "Dan" is probably "Doug"
            Please find my “Recent stuff” folder and make a copy of the document in it, then put it in my “Paid bills” folder, and also send it to my personal address. Then could you clean up my messy desktop? Would you also look in my “Miscellaneous” folder and toss out anything in it that’s outdated or irrelevant? When you’re done, please empty the trash, close all the windows, and turn everything off. Thanks a lot!
Note: this would be a good example in my talk