Here are just a few of the tasks a GVA can take off your plate so you have more space in your mind and in your workday:          •    perform online research          •    make online purchases (have the GVA use a prepaid credit card with a small amount you can fund and monitor each month)          •    update your calendar          •    make a dinner reservation          •    draft your latest blog post or upload your YouTube videos          •    send your spouse a gift          •    or, if...
1. Tasks You Don’t Like Doing This is any task that makes you cringe or procrastinate. Anything can be on this list—except for selling. Selling needs to be one of your top priorities because it’s the lifeblood of any business, and no one should know your product or service better than you.
2. Tasks You Don’t Know How to Do Be honest with yourself. Don’t let superhero syndrome kick in here.
3. Tasks You Feel You Shouldn’t Be Doing This is the list I want you to give the most thought to. It’s usually a huge eye-opener for business owners because it gets their internal wheels turning about how they’re currently running their businesses. More importantly, this list helps you see how you want to be running your business in the future.